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Helping the addict
get recovery
through motion.


“Take the body… and the mind will follow”

Robert works with addicts and alcoholics to help clear their mind through the healing therapy of body movement.
Traditionally, exercise has been recommended for those trying to quit drugs and alcohol as a reactive approach to focusing on something other than their withdrawal symptoms or cravings.  With new scientific studies, it has been proven that exercise has benefits beyond redirecting one’s attention. 
Robert's Recovery in Motion Program helps the addict move into a new direction.  Literally. 
Physically.  Emotionally.  Spiritually.

Robert has developed this Program of Recovery In Motion after many years of formal martial arts & fitness training and many years working with addicts and alcoholics.  He teaches this healthy way of living because he knows the addict.  Having walked through adversity with addiction himself, he can and does connect with those who suffer from this disease.   

Robert uses a mind, body and spirit approach with the Recovery in Motion Program.
For inquires on how Robert can help your recovery program, call directly


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