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Robert Layton C.P.T. 

Robert Layton was born in Inglewood and grew up in Corona del Mar. He currently lives in Laguna Beach with his loving wife, Melissa and a daughter, Keala who is daddy’s little girl.

Robert’s mission for business and for life is: “To develop my business in a way that will help and heal people physically, mentally, spiritually and to bring abundance to those who have been told that “it can’t happen to them.”

Robert has been studying and teaching martial arts for over twenty five years and has been involved in personal training for fifteen years. He holds three national certifications in fitness training including a bachelor’s equivalent degree from Irvine Valley College. Robert has won awards for being the top trainer at Twenty Four Hour Fitness, where he worked for seven years.

Robert has studied holistic forms of healing with a number of teachers, including Dr. John Land. Dr. Land is a medicine man and healer renowned for his work with Native American tribes and recovery homes.

Currently, Robert works with several clients who have had severe brain injuries. Using a combination of exercise and martial art techniques, specifically Qi Gong and Tai chi, he has been able to assist them in gaining freedom of movement. He has also worked with cancer patients using Qi gong, which is an energy transference technique that helps to restore and engage the central nervous system. Therefore, allowing the body to heal itself.

Robert is very involved in a program of spiritual recovery, where he sponsors and helps others. His life had taken him down that “road less traveled” and has come through that “dark night of the soul” giving him a personal perspective of these afflictions.

Robert has produced fitness videos filmed on the beautiful beaches of Laguna Beach, California.

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